Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maxi Love

Maxi skirts are great. Throw one on, add a tee, a jean jacket and you're set. Simple. There's nothing really fancy or special about this's just comfy and casual. This is what happened to be on my mannequin at the moment and I really wasn't up for snapping pics of myself. Maybe next post... :) 

Soo, most of the time my mannequin (she's nameless..suggestions? lol) just sits in the corner of my room just blending with the decor. But occasionally I'll play the stylist and she gets all dressed up. Right now she's matching the colors of my room. I'm a matchy-match sort of person. :)

Jacket: Old Navy 
Top: Maurices
Skirt: Body Central
Flats: Target

Hopefully sooner rather than later I'll have more outfit posts, style and shopping tips up on the blog. Remember to keep checking in the Links page for more modest shopping. I'll continue to add stuff as I run across them. Also, I'll eventually be putting links in the Be Active, Stay Modest section for those who love outdoors, sports, swimming, and skiing, and working out. 

Until then, Peace and God Bless!


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