Hey there! It's me, Rosalee.

 This is my lil blog about shopping and style while staying true to my modest convictions; hence the name "ModestlyMe: The Blog" lol.

I'm 25 and a Christian with a Pentecostal Holiness background.

I'm a typical girly-girl who loves pretty things, clothes, traveling, church, Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, being with friends and family, and summertime, and the beach. And not necessarily in that order either lol.

I work once a month with intellectually disabled adults which includes my older brother. He's a sweetheart. I get to spend time taking care of him and getting paid to do it. Can't beat that!

Has the sweetest, most handsome husband ever :)

And I'm in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe due to a house fire. (Thankful for God's protection that night) But now I have a legit reason to shop which is great for a shopoholic! haha

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