Modest Shopping: 
(keep checking for new links. For swim, skiing, and other active wear links-- Be Modest, Stay Active)
These are just a few of my faves. There are many more sites listed at Living Modest Clothing Directory

DCM apparel- Cute modest clothes. Lots of skirts. Layering tops. Good pricing. Plus size Section.

Kosher Casual- Great prices! Modern skirts. Awesome layering tops. Workout clothing.  Long, 3/4, and short sleeves. Also sell items to make modest dressing more convenient ( Sleevies, layering dresses, tee necks, layering options, cropped shells, shirt extensions, and head coverings)

Paulina Carmel- Modest clothing. Love the skirts. Great pricing.

Junees- Super cute skirts! Pages of them. And the cutest belts. Also has tops, layering dresses and other accessories. Has a Junee Jr. section. Reasonable prices.

Shabby Apple- Mostly known for it's cute dresses, they also sell great skirts and tops. Has an Accessories, Kids, and Maternity section as well. Some items can be pricey but they have good sales.

Kikiriki Shells- Lots of layering options. Tees of all sleeve lengths, skirt extenders, cropped shells, layering dresses. Kids and Plus size sections.

Neesee's Dresses- Cute, trendy modest site. Reasonable. Lots of skirts, tops, dresses, and accessories!

The Jean Girl Shop- Cute, on-trend skirts, dresses and tops. Great pricing.

Delarosa Custom Jean Skirts- lots of jean skirts, also custom orders available (makes jeans into skirts)

Beautiful One Modest- Great modest site. Possibly apostolic?

Love My Jean Skirt- jean skirts, custom orders available as well (jeans into skirts)

Funky Frum- Has adorable skirts and other clothing with reasonable pricing. Site currently unable to process orders at this time. Hoping it will be up and running soon!

Down East Basics- Relatively modest women's and girl's clothing line. Cute trendy clothing. Both casual and semi-dressy options. Reasonable pricing. Note: Some skirts and dresses come slightly above the knee. Check lengths to see what's comfortable for you.

Modesty 4 Me- Higher neckline camis and 3/4 sleeve tees.

Novae Clothing- Great modest clothing. Good prices. Has everything.

Jade MacKenzie- lots of cute modest clothing. Loving their colored denim skirts right now. Good prices.

Dorothy Perkins- Semi-modest UK based clothing site. Sells many skirts, tops, and a few maxi dresses. Decent pricing. Possible option for dress clothes as well as causal.  Also has Petites section. Several Modest skirts. Both casual and dressy. Free Shipping! Prices considerably lower than dept store pricing. Customize search by skirt length. You can also watch a video clip of items for a 360 view. Love this feature! Note: not considered a modest site so there are shorter skirts in the mix. Also carries dresses and other clothing/accessories. Skirt search- Do searches for skirts or dresses on sites like these to find items you wouldn't normally find. This is a direct link for skirts. I've found many skirts and modest clothing storing using this idea.

Junie Blake- Trendy Modest clothing. Skirt and dresses. Mostly knee length and short sleeves. A few maxi and longer length dresses. Decent pricing.

Apostolic Clothing- LOTS of modest clothing for all occasions. Great site. Good prices and sale items.

John Lewis Skirts and Dresses- direct link to skirts. Also check out dresses section. Lots of semi-dressy and dressy options for church. UK based site.

Boden USA- Skirts and Dresses- check out dresses and skirt sections.

Dainty Jewells- If you love ruffles and's your site lol. Modest dresses and skirts. Modest Clothes Collection. Skirts/Dresses. $$$$. But I search the under $100 section. Cute skirts, tops, and maxi dresses. Note: Some clothes look tighter. Maybe order a size up  Latest trends, great prices!

MRP Skirts-- lots of cute skirts. Good pricing. Never shopped this site tho.

Sorella Bella-- Cute stuff. Modest. LDS Sister missionary site. great prices. Tops, dresses, and skirts.

Jen Clothing-- Cute modest clothing!! Reasonable prices.

Formal Wear:

Beautifully Modest- For all special occasions. Brides, Bridesmaids, Special Events, Evening. Also sells "semi-dressy" for church clothes.

Other Shopping Sites:

Designer Warehouse Shoes- Cute department store style flats, sandals, and heels at slightly lowered prices.

La Posh Style- Trendy clothing site. Has cute maxi dresses and skirts with on-trend prints

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  1. Great links! I'm familiar with Junie Blake and I love their fashions. I recognized some of the others too, but many of them are a new find. Thanks!