Be Active, Stay Modest

Shopping links for those who love outdoors, sports, swimming, and skiing, hiking and working out. Many come with leggings or shorts underneath the skirts for extra coverage but not all do. Keep posted for new links. I'm adding to the page as I run across them. :)

Skhoop Skirts-
  • Skiiing Skirts
  • Insulated Skirts
  • Kids section
  • Cutest cold weather accessories perfect for skiiing.
  • Search or Google shopping for cheaper prices
  • Sportskirts and Waterskirts 
  • Do a Google or Bing search to find stores that sell this item
  • Long swim skirts and fitness skirts
  • Swim tops and Fitness tops.
  • Plus Size options
  • Swim tops and bottoms for all.
  • Womens, Plus, and Kids
  • Exercising skirts and knee length skorts
  • Casual Skirts sold as well
  • Girls and Plus sizes available.  
  • Matching 3/4 tops/skirt outfits. (looks cute for P.E. and tennis). 
  • Workout skorts (Perfect for the super active person).
  •  Jet ski skort. (Slits on side to provide more motion)
  • Swim dresses for both Women and girls
  • . Swim bottoms and 3/4 sleeve tops for women. 
  • Unique prints as well as sporty ones. 
  • Also sells below-the-knee pencil skirts in numerous colors.
  • Cover up jackets with zipper for swimming.
  • Cover up tights for more modesty

Note: You can also find active and casual knits skirts/dresses at Outdoor/Mountain sports storesJust watch skirt lengths because many are above the knee. There are a few modest ones out there. Just be willing to look. Some of my favorite stores are:

Brands like Patagonia, Royal Robbins, Ex Officio, Horny Toad, Lole are favorites too.

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  1. This guide to stay active and modest is very helpful. Many times, women buy wrong workout tights due of lack of knowledge. I think clothing can make your workouts more effective and quite that this guide will be helpful for everyone.